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Healthier, Happier, Communities Live Better in Retirement Villages

Happiness and mental health are closely linked, with greater happiness leading to better mental health, less stress, and a positive outlook.  Retirement Village residents are 41% happier due to social activities and a sense of community. They also have a 20% lower hospitalisation rate, thanks to supportive infrastructure and healthcare access. These residents are more active, socially engaged, and experience less depression and loneliness. Windsor Country Village offers diverse activities in a picturesque setting, promoting health and happiness. As Australia’s population ages, retirement villages will play a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of seniors. 

Visit Windsor Country Village to experience this vibrant community. 

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DCM Institute September 2023

From Retirement Living to Strata Communities, a Village Managers Story. 

Maria Wheate has been a Village Manager since August 2009 and we are thrilled to have her as Village Manager at Retirement Living Services’ Windsor Country Village in Vineyard, 50km northwest of Sydney’s CBD.

As she reflects on her career, Maria feels privileged to be a part of this industry, having formed lasting friendships and cherished memories along the way. Her dedication and passion continue to make a difference in the lives of seniors in retirement communities across Australia.’

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The Senior May 2023

Mamma Mia, yes they’re off again

Read more about our village events featured in the The Senior Retirement Living. 

“By constantly seeking to add new opportunities to the mix of experience and building on existing traditions, established communities like Windsor Country Village deliver a community vibe that cannot be created overnight.”  


Community Recognition Statement 2023

Community Recognition Statement – Robyn Preston MP Member for Hawkesbury

Windsor Country Village has proudly received a Community Recognition Statement from Hawkesbury Council and was congratulated in parliament for our thirty-fifth anniversary by Robyn Preston MP, Member for Hawkesbury.  

With Robyn saying “I particularly note and congratulate Philip, Janet, Kristen and Paddy on their dedication and commitment as a team on delivering quality retirement living. The village is home to over 100 residents and operates in a caring environment, with an energetic social committee that creates plenty of regular events and activities for over-55’s.” 

35th Birthday Celebration October 2022

A Birthday Bash for the Ageless – 35 Years of Windsor Country Village

2022 marks thirty-five years since the completion of the family operated Windsor Country Village retirement village in Vineyard. Close to 100 guests, with over 6,000 years of party experience was gathered in the WCV community Centre as residents, family and friends, suppliers and dignitaries enjoyed an evening of food, wine and entertainment.

A lot has changed in the Hawkesbury in 35 years, and over that time Windsor Country Village residents have continued to make positive contributions to the region. The Village allows residents to stay close to family and friends within a safe and supported community environment. Resident of 33 years Margaret McCarthy cut the cake, whilst fellow long-standing resident Val Jones paid tribute to those who paved the way for the beloved Village space. 

Hills to Hawkesbury March 2022

The Story Of Ms Robyn Scott.  Robyn is a valued member of Windsor Country Village.  Read more of Robyn’s inspiring journey to independence.  (see page 28 Hills to Hawkesbury Community News)

Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide   April 2022

John and Charito’s Story. “INSEPERABLE DOUBLE-ACT.  John and Charito’s story is one of love and the joy of finding companionship.  They met at Windsor Country Village over 20 years ago.”  (see page 114 Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide)

Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide   April 2022

Strata Titled Village. “Strata -Titled Retirement Village, A Resident Friendly Model.  There are many models available for Retirees as they enter a Retirement Village community, and the range of complicated contract and costs can be confusing.  It is important to understand the options available to find the right retirement option for you.  The Strata-Titled model is not often talked about, which is surprising as it has many advantages for the resident.”.. (See page 104 Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide)

Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide   April 2022

Moving to Hawkesbury. “Has the time finally come when the kids have flown the nest and you are ready to see where the next phase in life takes you?  For many, where they raised the kids now has no hold on them, and the reality of relocating to their dream destination if becoming more tangible.   If New South Wales is calling to you, why not try retiring to the Hawkesbury.”  (See page 102 in Australian Over 50’s Living & Lifestyle Guide)

The Seniors September 2021

Family-run village has a personal touch.  “A personal relationship between management and residents is at the heart of the vibrant Windsor Country Village Community. At the same time, residents are able to maintain an affordable, comfortable and secure lifestyle. Village director Kristen Edmonds describes retirement living as independent self-care living, allowing residents the freedom to live their own lifestyle and manage their own affairs within a community that can provide the support, friendships and assistance as a when they want or need it.”… (see pages 28 and 29 in DOWNSIZING)

Go55's Autumn 2020

“Tears were shed in December by a Year 6 student from Vineyard Public School as he realised at the recent Christmas Party that the regular visits to Windsor Country Village would no longer be a part of his school experience as he moved onto high school. There is a great sense of pride from being such an integral part of the local community. Windsor Country Village management provides the highest level of personal service to its residents and the experience that comes from being family operated for over 30 years… (see pages 54 and 55) 

Go55's Spring 2020

“Windsor Country Village has shown that even during these times of uncertainty, residents are still enjoying themselves in a safe and community aware fashion. Set on 5 acres of professionally maintained gardens, residents have had plenty of room, but the tight knit community has left no-one feeling alone. The daily garden setting afternoon teas and fireside chats, shopping excursions and social activities are still happening in a responsible fashion….

Open House - May 2020

Come and join is for afternoon tea and experience the new lifestyle that awaits you… Open House on Saturday 22nd February 2020. Affordable retirement living at its best. Our trusted family management team has delivered personal service for over 30 years. Call Brian Crawford on 0448 400 920.

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